1) Eliminate artificial barriers to alternatives by creating a uniform way of taxing natural gas for vehicles that puts natural gas on a level playing field with traditional fuels.

2) Protect the consumer supported standard for selling natural gas for vehicles by encouraging states to adopt legislation making gallon equivalents the legal standard.

3) Put in place state vehicle fleet plans which:

  • Call for the adoption of natural gas vehicles when there is a life-cycle savings
  • Utilize public-private partnerships for refueling in order to support existing infrastructure and encourage the establishment of new public stations.

4) Exempt the incremental cost of natural gas vehicles from sales tax.

5) Remove the upfront cost barrier of natural gas vehicles by either:

  • Creating a voucher program that provides a rebate for 50% of the incremental cost of a natural gas vehicle and sunsets once there is enough support to sustain a backbone network of refueling stations.
  • Establish a 0% interest revolving loan program for the incremental cost of the vehicle to be paid back with the fuel cost savings over a three-year period.

6) Exempt the additional weight of the natural gas fueling systems from road weight restrictions.