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The Daily Pickens

  • July 18, 2008

From an editorial in Beloit Daily News out of Florida: SOME READERS may have seen the television ads aired by legendary oilman T. Boone Pickens. Here are the key numbers he points out. In 1970 America imported 24 percent of its oil; today it’s about 70 percent and growing every day. The U.S. sends about Continue Reading

The Daily Pickens

  • July 17, 2008

Today the Economist weighed in on the Pickens Plan: Americans spend $700 billion a year on foreign oil. According to one observer, this is an addiction, a crisis, and a trap. The country must pursue alternative energy sources as fiercely as it once shot for the moon. So far, so much liberal boilerplate. The critic Continue Reading

Media Coverage of the Pickens Plan

Here’s a roundup of some of the media stories about the Pickens Plan. First up, the Chicago Tribune: Pickens is on to something here. Dependence on foreign oil is creating a drag on the U.S. economy and puts the nation in a strategically vulnerable position.

 With gasoline this expensive and the U.S. economy teetering, John Continue Reading

Welcome to the Pickens Plan Blog

Starting today this is your go-to spot for all things Pickens Plan. Here’s what you can expect in the coming months: BREAKING NEWS Word about the Pickens Plan as it lands. VIDEO CLIPS Interviews, backstage access, and video messages from T. Boone Pickens. “ASK BOONE” Send your questions about the Pickens Plan to the man Continue Reading