We went back to several of the most interesting conversations we had for the Pickens Podcast series in 2016 and distilled those visits to our discussions of PEOTUS Donald J. Trump. During this Inauguration Season, I think you’ll find these conversations fascinating:

Talk show host Laura Ingraham discussed the rise of Donald Trump and how his common sense connected to voters.

Editor-in-Chief of Forbes, Steve Forbes – a former Presidential candidate himself – talked about how Americans’ “disaffection with the political establishment” opened the door for Donald Trump to come in and “shake things up.”

Businessman Carl Icahn has been named by Donald Trump to be his special advisor to overhaul regulations. During the campaign, we got a glimpse of why Icahn is one of the most important voices in American business today.

Former Senators Tom Daschle and Trent Lott joined me and talked about Donald Trump as a person, not as a personality.

Former Republican National Committee Chairman and Governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, told us during the primary season that “anyone who underestimates Donald Trump has been asleep for the last nine months.”

I hope you enjoy listening to the “greatest hits” of 2016 as much as I enjoyed conducting these interviews.

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