“Donald Trump is the most unpopular candidate ever nominated by a major political party in America. The second most unpopular is Hillary Clinton.”

That’s what Karen Tumulty said about the 2016 election during our recent conversation for the Pickens Podcast. Karen is a senior political reporter for the Washington Post. She also moderated one of the few debates between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Karen covered business and economics for the LA Times back in the 1980s when I made a run at buying Unocal – the major oil company. She said, “you couldn’t write a story about Boone Pickens without using the word ‘Raider’.”

Now she is writing a biography of Nancy Reagan. “Nancy Reagan was not only powerful,” Karen said, “but for perhaps the first time in history didn’t care who knew it. This will be a very different book than those that were written in the 1990s.”

I think you’ll agree this is a very interesting peek behind the scenes with one of America’s most respected political reporters, Karen Tumulty. Download the podcast on AudioBoom or iTunes, and let me know what you think via Twitter @BoonePickens.