Oklahoma Army:

Oklahoma, like other oil and gas producing states, has been hit hard by the steep decline in natural gas and oil prices. Hundreds of thousands of oil and gas jobs have been lost, and state budgets are being strained by the resulting declines in tax revenues. Tough choices are being made.

But we need your help in minimizing budget actions targeting alternative fuels in the state that would provide short-term relief, but long-term, major delays in the growth of these initiatives.

That’s why I’m calling on you to get involved and express opposition to moves that would deal a major blow to the development of alternative fuels in Oklahoma. And you need to act today if we have a chance at making a difference.

Oklahoma natural gas is a premium transportation fuel. It’s cleaner and cheaper than gasoline or diesel. It’s an abundant state resource. Its use as a transportation fuel in Oklahoma is growing. As producers begin to eye expanding exports of this premium fuel, now is the time to show you believe it is important not to disadvantage in-state production and consumption by altering existing tax language.

I need you to contact your key legislative officials to let them know you understand the hard budget choices, but for the long-term future of Oklahoma energy, let’s leave alternative fuels alone. That’s how we create jobs, make OPEC increasingly irrelevant and strengthen the state’s economy long term.

Take action on this issue today. Click here to send an email to your state legislators.