Utah Governor Jon Huntsman joined T. Boone Pickens and many others in signing the Energy Independence Pledge in September, requesting the new Administration and the 111th Congress devote as much time as necessary during their first 100 days in office to develop a serious, workable Energy Policy. In a letter sent out this week, he encouraged other governors across the country to sign the pledge and take this opportunity to put party and partisanship aside and support this effort.

“This endeavor will help encourage the newly elected President of the United States to develop a timely and workable Energy Policy,” Governor Huntsman said. “The time has come for Americans to join together and let our President and Members of Congress know they must put the needs of the American people first with regard to energy and our future dependence upon it.”

In addition to the Pickens Pledge, as Chairman of the Western Governors’ Association, Governor Huntsman is working with other governors of both parties to create an energy policy framework that they will then present to the new administration once elected in November.

“There are three things that must drive our nation’s energy policy: affordability, energy independence and sustainability,” Governor Huntsman said. “The Pickens plan and the WGA efforts are aimed at finding innovative solutions that are right for our country.”

The Energy Independence Pledge can be found online at: https://pickensplan.com

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