Sacred Heart University has conducted a poll on the Pickens Plan. The results are encouraging:

In a new national Sacred Heart University Poll, 74.0% of Americans said it was very or somewhat possible the 10-year energy independence plan proposed by Texas oilman, T. Boone Pickens, could be accomplished. Pickens is running advertising touting his plan to use American ingenuity along with solar and wind power, offshore drilling, electric power, natural gas and bio-fuels to cut dependence on foreign oil in 10 years. Just 14.4% indicated the plan was somewhat impossible or not at all possible to accomplish and 11.6% were unsure.

The poll also touched on why it’s important for us to build an army of supporters before January, when the Congress and President are sworn in:

When asked about U.S. Congressional reaction to Pickens’ plan, two-thirds of Americans surveyed with an opinion, 65.7%, said Congress would help the plan fail by using laws and regulations to block it. Another 28.4% believed Congress would help the plan succeed by passing supportive legislation. According to Jerry Lindsley, director of the Sacred Heart University Polling Institute, “Expectations of Congress have never been lower.”

You can read the full report here.