Tony Robbins asked me about my background and my goals in our first podcast. In the second and final installment, I fielded some great questions from Tony and his audience on energy and global politics. Here are a few of the highlights from our great Q&A.

How will the Iran deal affect the price of oil? Some people have forecast that the Iranians will be able to export a million barrels a day. I’m not so keen on that number. I think it’s closer to two to three hundred thousand barrels a day.

How long can OPEC keep pumping cheap oil? The Saudis are already feeling the effects. Their cash reserves have come down from $800 billion to $600 billion. And this year they borrowed money for the first time to meet their social commitments.

Can we get rid of fossil fuels? It’s fine to want to get rid of fossil fuels, but you’ve got to be realistic. I don’t think we’re ready to go back to the bicycle. Every day around the world, 95 million barrels of oil are being used; 70 percent of it is being used as transportation fuel. What else are they going to use? Be real about the issues.

We’ve got an abundance of natural gas, but it’s only available to consumers out West. You’ve got it in the East too. Just look around. Or check with Clean Energy Fuels. Their website has a station locator that will show you where to take your natural gas vehicle.

Where do America’s greatest opportunities lie? Our tech industry is unbelievable. More will come from there like driverless cars. And the same thing with medical research and the energy industry. There are great opportunities in America today for young people.

This is the second of a two-part conversation. Download the podcast on AudioBoom or iTunes and let me know what you think via Twitter @BoonePickens.