Bill Merrell, New York State Leader

-Tell us a little about yourself.

I am an educator and environmentalist and a person committed to energy conservation. I own and operate a New York state educational facility in which we teach multiple vocations, which includes Home Energy Conservation and Home Inspection Licensing in New York. I have been involved in Residential and Commercial Building Inspection for three decades to date, and have introduced energy conservation and environmental safety in many of our programs.

-Why are you a part of the Pickens Plan?

To help, in a small way to make a difference in the way we expend energy. The Pickens Plan and its Energy Army is important to Americans in our desire to reduce our reliance on foreign fuel. We can do this through energy conservation (which I actively teach) and alternative energy, including natural gas, wind, geothermal energy and hydroelectric energy. I am just happy to be part of an organization that is working to benefit our country and our citizens.

-Tell us about things you’ve done to promote the Pickens Plan.

I have contacted no less than 2,000 people about the Pickens Plan to date. I have met with local, regional, state and national leaders about supporting and joining the Pickens Plan. I have incorporated the Pickens Plan in the courses I teach at my School, Merrell Institute and Baruch College, as well as working with the Environmental Assessment Association, Housing Inspection Foundation and Association of Construction Inspectors as their National Education Director.  I am also on the National Education Committee of NACHI and 2009/2010 National Director of the North American Association Network. I am living the phrase “strength through networking”.

-Share one idea for what you’d like to accomplish through your work with the Pickens Plan in the next 3 months.

I plan on continuing to contact a minimum of 3 elected officials each and every week. I have done this for months to date, and I have received positive letters and e-mails and communication from local legislators, state officials and US Senators and US Congressional leaders. I am pleased they have been receptive to my communications and plan of continuing with my daily and weekly goals of reaching out and keeping the Pickens Plan on their minds. I hope to continue this for many years to come.

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