From the Desert News comes this report:

The Utah chapter of the Pickens Plan held its first meeting Thursday evening at the state Capitol. The group, whose Web site says it has 124 members, advocates an energy policy proposal introduced last month by billionaire Oklahoma businessman T. Boone Pickens, who made much of his fortune producing oil. The plan promotes alternatives to oil, including natural gas, wind and solar power.

The popularity of the Pickens Plan has grown to include dozens of chapters in states across the country, including Utah.

“We’re going to have a new president, whoever it may be, in January,” said Utah chapter spokesman John Purvis. “Let’s get ready to step up to the plate and propose a plan that maybe he’s not going to be able to argue with.”

This sort of grassroots effort from supporters is exactly what we need in order to deliver the message that Americans are tired of the government’s rudderless energy policies. T. Boone only has one voice, after all, so it’s going to take the voices of people across this country to help him be heard.

Nice work, Utah Chapter!