A blogger who attended today’s T. Boone Town Hall in Lamar, Colorado, has posted this report:

Turnout was huge here in Lamar for the “T. Boone Town Hall”. The doors were to open at 11:30, but when I arrived at 11:40 I found disappointed townsfolk trudging away. The Elks Lodge was already full!

It wasn’t just the good people of Colorado who attended, either:

Part of the reason it was so crowded is that word HAD gotten around, and people traveled in from Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico, as well as all over Colorado. Many of our elected officials showed up: Mark Udall, Wes McKinley, Buffie McFadyen, plus John Stulp (Colorado Ag Sec and a local boy), and a bunch of local politicians and candidates for office.

We’ll have a full report of the Lamar town hall — including pictures — soon. ¬†Also coming soon: Information on more T. Boone Town Halls in the future!