A report from today’s Omaha World-Herald:

Before an adoring, overflow crowd of more than 1,000, Texas oilman-turned-alternative-energy-proponent T. Boone Pickens said that America’s dependence on foreign oil has left it vulnerable and funding “both sides” of the war in the Middle East.

“We’re doing something that could be identified as stupid on our part,” said Pickens today, to a scattering of chuckles at the Lincoln Event Center.

Pickens urged those in attendance to join him in touting the Pickens Plan. Its hallmark is reducing America’s $700 billion a year consumption of foreign oil by building a massive series of wind farms across the Plains to generate electricity and boost rural America, and using natural gas rather than gasoline for transportation, particularly semi-trailer trucks and other fleet vehicles.

“We cannot have this country depending on 70 percent of our oil from foreign sources,” Pickens said.

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